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Kava Kava  Piper methysticum

Sprawling, perennial shrub with large, heart-shaped leaves and flowers resembling small ears of corn. Height: Up to 20 feet. Native to the South Pacific.

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Kelp  Laminaria spp.

Broad class of seaweeds that generally grow in underwater kelp forests in clear, shallow ocean water below 70 degrees. They typically have flat, leaf-like structures coming from elongated stem-like structures. The holdfast, like a root, anchors kelp to the ocean substrate.

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Knotgrass  Polygonum aviculare

Bluish-green, partially tinted red herb, with several many-branched stems spreading out from the root. A greenish-white to pink-red flower sheath contains flowers in clusters of 2-5. It produces a triangular blackish nut.

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Kola Nut  Cola nitida

Perennial. An evergreen tree growing up to 70 feet with flossy, obovate, dark green leaves up to 8 inches long.

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