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Lavender  Lavandula angustifolia

Bushy, branching shrub, with small lavender flowers in whorls of 6-10 on six inch stalks. Leaves are opposite, silvery-gray, and somewhat hairy. Its fruit is four shiny, dark gray-brown nutlets. Height: Up to 3 feet. Blooms June-July.

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Lemon  Citrus lemon

Small, very attractive tree from 10-20 feet with grayish bark and stout spines where the leaf stalks join the branches. In the leaf, axils grow clusters of five-petaled flowers that are white inside and pink- or purple-tinged outside. They are followed by the well-known sour, yellow fruit.

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Lemon Balm  Melissa officinalis

Loosely branched, upright perennial with clusters of white or yellowish tubular flowers. Floppy, coarse leaves give off a minty or lemony scent. It produces smooth nutlets and grows up to 2 feet. Blooms: July-September.

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Licorice  Glycyrrhiza glabra

Pencil-like pieces of the dried runners consisting of yellow fibrous wood are chewed for their sweetness. The plant is perennial, reaching 2 meters in height from a root system of taproots, branch roots, and meter long runners.

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Linden  Tilia europea

Deciduous tree up to 100 feet high, with smooth gray bark, heart-shaped leaves, and clusters of pale yellow flowers with wing-like bracts.

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Lobelia  Lobelia inflata

Branched and hairy stems with toothed, alternate leaves 3 and 1/2 inches long. Its blue, tubular flowers form loose spikes at the ends of branches, and it produces a two-celled capsule bearing many tiny brown seeds. Height: 1-3 feet.

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Lungwort  Pulmonaria officinalis

Broad-leaved perennial ground cover with foot long leaves coming from short stems. Leaves are hairy, mottled with white, and oval. Conical, purplish-blue flowers appear in April and May.

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