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Okra  Abelmoschus esculentus

Annual or perennial, with broad lobed leaves. The flowers are white to yellow with a red or purple spot at the base. The fruit is a capsule containing numerous seeds. Height: Up to 2 meters

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Olive  Olea europaea

Slow-growing evergreen tree with gnarled trunk and slender gray, fissured branches, to 30 feet. The leaves are dark green, scaly and gray beneath, narrow oblong or pointed. White, fragrant flowers in panicles in summer are followed by hard ovoid fruits, green at first but later purple-black, with a single hard stone.

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Onion  Allium cepa

Biennial or perennial that grows from a bulb. The erect stem carries an umbel of pink, white, or purple flowers, along with four to six narrow, hollow, blue-green leaves. Its fruit is a capsule containing black seeds. Height: 4 feet. Blooms: June-August.

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Orange  Citrus aurantium

The tree of this bitter orange species can grow 18-30 feet high. Its leaves are pointed, oval, and evergreen, and it has creamy white, fragrant flowers. This orange has coarser and darker skin than the sweet orange, and a more bitter pulp.

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Oregano  Origanum species

Aromatic, herbaceous perennial with erect, hairy, square stems. Flowers are rose-purple to white, tubular, in terminal spikelets up to 1 inch long. Produces four seed-like nutlets and grows 1-2 feet high. Blooms: July-September

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Oregon Grape  Mahonia aquifolium

Evergreen shrub with tiny, bright yellow flowers in racemes up to 3 inches long. The leaves are dense, lustrous, dark green and leathery, turning bronze, gold, crimson, and purple in fall. Fruit: Deep blue and purple berries in drooping clusters--edible when ripe.

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