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Latin Name:
Cynara scolymus


Large, blue-violet flower heads whose stems reach 4-6 feet. The "leaves" that are eaten are really bracts on the flower head and not the plant's leaves at all.

Common Uses

Artichoke may lower cholesterol. It also protects the liver from damage by free radicals and other toxins. It encourages bile production, which helps ease stomach complaints and digestive disorders.


Artichoke drawings have shown up on the walls of the tombs of ancient Egyptian pharaohs. It was supposed to be a favorite food of King Henry VIII in England, and made its way to France and Germany. Amazing for a plant that is thought to have originated in Morocco or the Canary Islands.

Products Containing this Ingredient

Artichoke, Standardized, Cholesterol Balance™, Multi- Vitamin, Great Greens

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