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Latin Name:
Medicago sativa


This is a perennial legume, growing in compact form up to about 3 1/4 feet high. It has small, bright green, succulent leaves grouped in threes, and tiny violet flowers in a cluster, followed by hairy spirally twisted seed pods. It has a deep taproot penetrating to a depth of 30-100 feet.

Common Uses

Rich in vitamin K, alfalfa leaf has been used in medicine to encourage blood clotting. Alfalfa also lowers blood cholesterol. Other recommended uses for alfalfa are for asthma and hay fever. A safe and appropriate tea for pregnancy, along with raspberry leaves. It is also good to drink when sulfa or antibiotic drugs are taken.


During the 17th century, the plant acquired its common name, Lucerne, from the Latin for lamp, a reference to its luminous seeds. The name medicago means "from Medea" where it was thought to have been first discovered, while sativa means cultivated.

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