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Latin Name:
Amaranthus hypochondriacus


Annual herb with stout, erect, branched stems and purple-spotted, dull green leaves. Produces dense clusters of small crimson flowers in long upright spikes. Height: 3-5 feet. Blooms: late summer

Common Uses

Astringent; used as a tea to help recoup from the effects of gastroenteritis or stomach flu. It is also a mild anti-inflammatory. It also eases stomach and intestinal irritation.


Red, yellow, and green dyes can be obtained from this plant, whose name in Greek means "unwithering" because when dried, the flowers retain their shape and color. It was a symbol of fidelity to the ancient Greeks.

Products Containing this Ingredient

Flowering Tea Blossoms, Numi’s Bouquet, Multi- Vitamin, Great Greens, Rebuilder®

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