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Latin Name:
Angelica archangelica


Biennial but may live up to 3 years before flowering. Grows to a height of 5-6 feet. The flowers are large heads of spheres of small, light yellow, almost green flowers. Blooms from June to July.

Common Uses

Pharmacologically, angelica is usually listed among plants with volatile oils, but from the clinical point of view, it is more appropriate to include it among the aromatic tonics, as its main uses are in this field. The volatile oil has carminative properties, counteracting flatulence, so that the action of this plant comes close to that of wormwood in this respect, a plant mainly used to treat gallbladder disease.


In 1974, French newspapers reported that Annibal Camoux of Marseilles had lived to 120 years old because she had chewed angelica root daily. North American Indian singers used an angelica decoction made from the stems to gargle before long, sacred ceremonies.

Products Containing this Ingredient

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