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Apple Tree Bark

Latin Name:
Pyrus malus


Deciduous tree whose flowers appear in early spring about the same time that leaves appear. Flowers are white flushed with pink, growing in groups of three to six at the tips of leaves. Fruit ripens in early fall.

Common Uses

Apples contain several minerals, vitamin E, and digestive enzymes. Apple juice has purifying properties as the nutrients strengthen the blood. Apple tea is thought to ease muscle and joint stiffness. Apple pectin can help eliminate toxins, remove unwanted metals, and help with gout. Malic and tartaric acids in apples are a remedy for liver problems.


It was said that splitting an apple with the object of your affection would ensure a life-long love affair. Some people believe it was the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden, and to many it still symbolizes temptation.

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