Herbal Combinations
Combining herbs in just the right proportions to get the most out of these wonderful plants and work naturally with our bodies is an art.

No one understood that better than Hanna Kroeger, who created the master formulas for the Herbal Combinations listed below from her own personal experience and a lifetime of research. During her many years of helping others, she became known as a master of using subtle and unique combinations of two or more herbs. All of her formulas were carefully blended to be effective and synergistically balanced (just as they are today!) Time and again, people would tell Hanna of the amazing results they saw from her formulas.

Now you, too, can benefit from Hanna's expertise.

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Aloe Vera Juice 8 oz. (Whole Leaf)
Aloe Vera Juice 32 oz. (Inner Leaf)
Black Radish & Parsley™
Blood Toner®
Candida Formula #1™ (formerly Kantita®)
Candida Formula #2™ (formerly Foon Goos #2®)
Candida Liver Care™ (formerly Stay Sober™)
Chem X®
Circu Flow®
CYT Formula™ (formerly Cyst Ease™)
Digestive Enzyme™ (formerly D. E.®)
Enzymes™ (formerly Enz®)
Eye Formula™ (formerly Pretty Eye®)
Female Balance™
FNG Care™ (formerly Foon Goos®)
Gallbladder Care™ (formerly Gall™)
Healthy Gut™
Heart Care Blend™ (formerly Heartwarmer®)
HPX Formula™ (formerly Herp X®)
INF Blend™ (formerly In Flu®)
Kidney Care Blend™ (formerly Neptune®)
Liver Formula™ (formerly Livah®)
Lung Formula™ (formerly Sound Breath®)
Men's Special®
Metal X™ (formerly Metaline™)
Olive Leaf
PA Formula™ (formerly Pap®)
Pancreas Formula™ (formerly D Bets®)
Polarity Balancer®
Resveratrol Six™
Sinus Blend™ (formerly Stuffy®)
SPK Formula™ (formerly Spiro Kete®)
Thyroid Care™ (formerly Metabolizer™)
VYR Defense™ (formerly Vyren®)
VYR-33 Defense™ (formerly A33®)
Women's Gold®
Wormwood Combination™

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