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Raspberry Leaves  Rubus idaeus

Woody shrub with perennial root and biennial stems up to 5 feet, it is often prickly. Oval leaves have sharply serrated edges and clusters of small, white flowers appear in the upper axils. They are followed by cone-shaped clusters of red berries. Blooms: June-August

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Red Clover  Trifolium pratense

Erect to sprawling, short-lived perennial with long-stalked leaves divided into 3 obovate leaflets. Purple-pink, sometimes cream, tubular flowers are borne in globose heads from late spring. Height 8-24 inches.

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Red Root  Ceanothus americanus

Shrub with finely toothed, dark green leaves showing light green underneath. White snowball-like flowers on long stalks appear on the upper plant, followed by seed pods resembling horned acorns. Height: Up to 3 feet. Blooms: May-July

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Rhubarb Root  Rheum palmatum

A perennial herb with a thick rhizome and a basal rosette of coarsely toothed palmately divided leaves. The tall, robust, hollow, finely furrowed stem is branched toward the top and bears terminal panicles of reddish to greenish-white flowers.

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Rose  Rosa centifolia, Rosa canina

Woody shrub whose shoots bear thorny, alternate, unpaired pinnatisect leaves and flowers in terminal corymbs with a swollen receptacle that produces the false fruit, which contains the true fruits.

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Rosemary  Rosemarinus officinalus

Tall, stout shrub; height 4-6 feet; width: 4 feet; Flowers: pale blue, sometimes pink or white. Long, narrow, leathery leaves folded into themselves, deep green on top and white and slightly fuzzy underneath.

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Rue  Ruta graveolens

Small, rounded bush with a height of 3 feet and a width of 2 feet. The flowers are yellow with scoop like petals and the leaves are spade like, blue-gray with a powerful smell. It blooms June to September.

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